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Equipment Procurement Division

Anaesthesia Workstation Model B (2)_compressed

Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia work station Model C

Anesthesia Workstation

BIS ( Depth of Anaesthesia ) Monitor

Defibrillator with Cardiac Monitor

Electrical suction apparatus (1)

High Flow Nasal cannula Therapy device (2)

Infusion Pump

Intubating Video Laryngoscope with Macintosh Blade

MR Compatible multiparameter monitor

MR Safe dual channel syringe volumetric

MR safe portable multi-parameter vital sign monitor

MRI Compatible Ventilator

Multipara Patient Monitor with Mainstream EtCO2, Dual IBP and Non Invasive Continuous

Multiparameter Monitor - Neonatal

multiparameter monitor various Types with Central Monitoring System

Multiparameter Monitor with Anesthesia Gas Monitor

Multiparameter Monitor with Capnogram

Multiparameter Monitor with Capnogram and IPM -Modular Type

Multiparameter Monitor with IBP and Central Monitoring System

Neonatal Transport Incubator with Ventilator

Nerve Locator with Mapper

Non Invasive BIPAP Ventilator

OT Light LED with camera Type B

Patient warmer

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

Portable Ventilator for ALS ambulance

Pulse Oxymeter Hand Held

Pulse Oxymeter Model A

Sequential Compression Devices Calf Pump

Suction Apparatus

Suction low pressure

Syringe Infusion Pump (Dual)

Syringe pump

Transport Ventilator

Vein Detecting Transilluminator/Device

Ventilator-Neonatal and Adult

Ventilator CPAP (Non-Invasive).pdf

Ventilator ICU

Ventilator Neonatal & Adult Model B

Ventilator Non invasive