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Quality Control Division

 The Quality Control department of the Corporation was started from 2007 onwards. From 2008-2009 to 2013-2014, the quality testing was performed for 100% items supplied along with the in-house test report at the time of acceptance in each warehouses.

Later, on 2014-2015 onwards, NABL test report is mandatory to accept the items in the concerned warehouses. Random testing is carried out apart from the NABL test report.

On 2018-19 onwards “QC approval section” started functioning.

Major Functions carried out by the department

·        QC approval

·        Random testing-KMSCL QC

·        Complaint sample testing

·        Continuous Quality Testing

·        Sample Evaluation for selected items.

·        Toll free number for complaint reporting

·        Empanelment of NABL Labs

Quality Assurance Wing

·        Deals with all complaints with regards to quality of drugs / consumables.

·        Toll-free number established from 2020-21 onwards-For reporting any issues related to quality of drugs in all institutions.

·        Any issues related to quality of drugs and supplies can be addressed to 


·        Toll Free Complaint Number-1800-425-0945

·        Any issues related to “QC Approval” can be addressed to

QC Approval Wing

·        It is the centralised approval wing started at HQ from 2018-19 tender year onwards. Previously it was performed in each warehouse indigenously.

·        Deals with all approval/ rejection of reports ( In-house / NABL/CDL etc.) as the first stage  before despatching the consignments by the supplier  to warehouses.

Consistency Study

When a product comes under blacklisting purview, the available batches of that particular product will undergo testing at Govt.DTL / NABL Labs

Procedure of Empanelling of NABL Drugs Testing Laboratories & conditions

·        Shall have valid approval under D& C Act, GLP ,NABL certifications

·        3 years market standing in the testing of drugs and consumables

·        Not less than 25 lakhs turnover

·        Should be independent laboratory, located in India.

·        Should not have suspended/ blacklisted by any of the Corporation/Central /State Governments.

·        On successful completion of inspection and recommendation by the experts, price bid evaluated, matching the prices, LOI and agreement executed.

·        Empanelment of NABL labs is for 2 year