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Projects Division

The Project Division was started on 27th November 2010, under Kerala Medical Services Corporation with the primary Objective of constructing the State of Art Scientific Warehouses across Kerala to procure and store medicines scientifically.

Apart from State of Art Scientific Warehouses, a cold room. a high value room, a temperature humidity room and a generator for power interrupted power supply are installed and maintained for the storage of medicines.

Project division construct / renovate the Karunya Community Pharmacies, the new venture of the corporation for providing life saving medicines to poor patients in time bound manner.

The major projects yet completed by Project divisions are.

1.      State of Art Scientific Warehouse

2.      Karunya Community Pharmacy Outlet & Depots

3.      Dialysis Centre

4.      Cath Lab

5.      CCU & Level 1 ICU

6.      Burns Unit

7.      LINAC

8.      CT, MRI, RT CT

9.      Trauma Care

10. Modernization of Drug Store

11. Chemotherapy Units