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Equipment Procurement Division

Anaesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Workstation Model C

Disposable flexible Video Bronchoscope


Fumigation Dispensor

ICU Cot Model B

Laryngoscope - video

Mobile Spot Light LED Model B

Multiparameter Monitor

Multiparameter Monitor-Neonatal

Multiparameter Monitor (5 Para) with Central Monitoring System

Multiparameter Monitor with Capnogram

Multiparameter monitor with Capnogram and IPM

Multiparameter Monitor with IBP and Central Monitoring System

Multiparamonitor with Anesthesia Gas Monitor

Oxygen Concentrator

Pulse Oxymeter Model A

RF Cautery

Sequential Compression Devices Calf Pump

Syringe Infusion Pump

Syringe Infusion Pump (Dual)

Syringe Infusion Pump (Dual)

Ventilator ICU

Video Laryngoscope Model B