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Essential Drugs Division

Essential Drugs Division of KMSCL undertakes the procurement and supply of generic drugs and supplies by inviting competitive national level e-tenders. As part of achieving volume based scale of economy, Govt. directed KMSCL to do the purchase and distribution of oncology drugs for Regional Cancer Centre during 2019-20. Govt. also directed Kerala Medical Services Corporation to establish a single channel mechanism for the supply of drugs & consumables to the three autonomous institutions involved in Comprehensive Cancer care in the State of Kerala ie., Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Cochin Cancer Research Centre (CCRC) and Malabar Cancer Centre. Subsequently the Corporation started procurement of oncology and other drugs to such institutions from 2020-21 onwards.

Category of tenders

1.      Tender category I &II :- Includes drugs and drugs require special cold storage conditions

2.      Tender category III-VIII:- Includes Medical Devices, Blood diagnostic kits and reagents, Consumables, Disinfectants & Chemicals, Surgical Sutures and X-ray films & accessories.

3.      Anticancer drugs :- Drugs required for the treatment of cancer

4.      Specialty drugs:- High value drugs which does not included in the Essential Drug List, used for the treatment in Specialty or Super Specialty hospitals