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Logistics and Supply Chain Management Division

Kerala Medical Services Corporation Limited – was the first medical services corporation in the country to establish a dedicated Logistics and Supply Chain Management wing. The department was formed in the year 2011. Sterling dexterity has been achieved in the supply chain managements of the Corporation by the dedicated wing. The division by the help of IT enabled supply chain management system ensures scientific procurement, storage and distribution of drugs and supplies to all public health facilities. The department manages an inventory of over Rs. 450 Cr annually.


The purpose of inception of the division is to ensure uninterrupted supply of drugs & supplies from the supplier to the end institutions in the state through scientific Supply Chain Management techniques. The department is also entrusted with the responsibility of management of the drug warehouses across the state. Traditional drug storage system has been overhauled in the State with 18 state of the art scientific warehouses. The warehouses are equipped with, Walk-in cold room 2-8 Degree CelsiusTemperature-Humidity (TH) Controlled roomHigh Value StoreSeparate chemical storeAncillary rooms and material handling equipment’s. A First – Expiry- First- Out (FEFO) norms is strictly followed in the outward issue of drugs in all the warehouses throughout the State.

The queries on drugs, their availability in health care facilities, quality issues and other drug related information’s are addressed by Supply Chain Management Department vide the toll free number 18001-202-202.

Major Achievements

The main objectives of the Corporation are to act as the central procurement agency for all essential drugs including Medical devices and other stores and equipments for the health care institutions under the department.

During flood 2018 and 2019 the south west monsoon in Kerala had caused widespread devastation, left over many people dead and thousands homeless overnight. Major districts were flooded and all 14 districts of the state are placed on red alert. There was an urgent need for medical aid. Kerala Medical Services Corporation Ltd had ensured availability of medicines at all public health facilities to handle medical emergencies and in order to prevent an epidemic out break availability of essential medicines to most vulnerable populations was essential.

On 19 May 2018, a Nipah virus disease (NiV) outbreak was reported from Kozhikode district of Kerala, India. This is the first NiV outbreak in South India. There have been 17 deaths and 18 confirmed cases as of 1 June 2018. The two affected districts are Kozhikode and Malappuram. For strengthening infection control practices including ensuring prepositioning of medical supplies and adequate stocks of personal protection equipment would be important steps in managing outbreak of virus. On an urgent basis, KMSCL has arranged personnel protective equipments. Also made necessary steps for importing Ribavarin medicine through Karunya Division and distributed to needy institution. The division by the help of IT enabled supply chain management system ensures scientific procurement, storage and distribution of drugs and supplies to all public health facilities.

Belonging to a family of viruses called the corona viridae, the novel Corona virus or 2019-nCoV is a newly discovered strain. India’s first case of the corona virus was confirmed in Kerala. The new corona virus has transmitted from person to person. With the experience drawn from Nipah outbreak, KMSCL lead fight against Corona virus. Timely distribution of personal protective equipment to hundreds of people, including bystanders and medical staff, who were in close contact with Corona affected, played a crucial role in arresting the spread of the deadly virus.


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