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Equipment Procurement Division


Bipolar cautery - opthal

Digitalised Slit Lamp with Anterior Segment Photography

Direct Ophthalmoscope (1)

Hand Held Slit Lamp

Indirect Opthalmoscope

OPhthalmic Operating Microscope Model B

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) - Type A

Optical Coherence Tomography Model B

OT Table (Ophthalmic)with Chair

Retinal Camera for ROP Screening

Retinal Green Laser

Slit lamp with Applantation tonometer

Slit Lamp with Imaging Facility

Slit Lamp with Zoom Magnification and Applanation Tonometer

Specular Microscope

Streak Retinoscope

Tonometer Non contact

Ultrasound Pachymeter with A-Scan