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Equipment Procurement Division

Laboratory - Specialty
Automated Electrophoresis Apparatus with all accessories Type C

Automatic tissue processor

Cryostat Type C

Fourier Transform-Infra Red Spectrophotometer (FT-IR) with ATR, DRS & Liquid Cell

Fully Auto Immuno Assay Analyser Model C

HPLC Analyser Type B

Karyotyping and FISH Workstation

Micro Centrifuge(2000 rpm)

Microscope with Image Protection Facility

Mirror less Camera Forensic Bundle

Multi viewing Penta Head Teaching Microscope

Penta Head Microscope with High Optics with HDMI Multi Output Photographic Camera

Semi automated Rotary Microtome

Shaking Incubator

Sonicator 10 L

Spectrophotometer Type c

Speed Vac

Toxicology Test Kits