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Equipment Procurement Division

Adult CAPD cathether 42cm straight with introducer

Adult CAPD cathether 43cm swan neck

Bicarbonate Mixer

Citric Acid powder

Dialysis Consumables-Blood Tubing Set for Hemodialysis-Medi dove

Dialysis Consumables-Double Lumen Catheter Set(11.5 f-12 f x 13cm-15.5 cm)Straight & Curved Adult-ms India Medtronics

Dialysis Consumables-Fistula Needle 16 G-Medi dove

DIALYSIS CONSUMABLES-Medi Dove-Fistula Needle 17 G

DIALYSIS CONSUMABLES-Sodium Bicarbonate Powder-Renacure

Portable Dialysis machine with SLED

Portable RO Plant

R.O.Plant-1000 LPH

RO Plant 2000L with disinfection and Distribution Lines

Sodium Bicarbonate powder

Transducer Protector&FIstula Needle 17 G-Medi Dove