Welcome to KMSCL Institute for Drug Studies (KIDS)!

KIDS is a Research Institute established by Kerala Medical Services Corporation ( KMSCL) to solve the drug related issues and problems and thereby make the health care programs more efficient and effective in the state of Kerala. It aims to coordinate, promote and conduct research and education programs on drug use, medicine policies and other related aspects.

KIDS will conduct / arrange to conduct research studies on various aspects of medicines and their usage. The areas of interest of KIDS include drug policies, medicine usage, problems related to procurement, marketing, indenting process, warehousing, storage, dispensing, quality related issues, usage of medicines, pharmaco-economics, pharmacovigilance, medication errors and other related issues at hospital and community levels.

This Centre will take up medicine related issues and problems for proper and scientific studies and submit reports / recommendations to KMSCL and the Government. It will also take up programs aimed at educating various stakeholders including patients, doctors, pharmacists, paramedical staffs, on aspects like essential medicines concepts and related issues like , standard treatment guidelines, formularies and other prescription related issues.

KIDS will take up projects and programs aimed at promoting good dispensing practices and accreditation of pharmacies and ware houses. The Centre will also critically analyze the data related to drug policies and usage available with KMSCL, DME/ DHS institutions, drugs control laboratories and other institutions and submit reports to KMSCL and Government for taking remedial measures and improving drug therapy.

We welcome the view points, opinions and suggestions of all for making KIDS as efficient as possible. We request you to make us known about the local/ individual issues also to our notice